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Graduation 6/02/2012 ~

It still hasn’t hit me that I’m a high school graduate. I keep having that feeling and thought in my head that on Monday morning I’m going to be at school with all my friends. These past 4 years went by too quickly, I still remember clear as day when I first stepped onto campus as a little freshman. Now, I’m happy to say that I had an unforgettable time there, with my friends being a HUGE part of that reason. Seeing them everyday was what got me through each day at school. Whether I’d be having a bad or good day, they’d be there to put the biggest smile on my face through the most smallest actions. I couldn’t be anymore thankful for having them in my life, they are seriously the greatest gifts and blessings in my life. 

To the Class of 2012, I couldn’t be more happier to graduate with such an amazing group of people. Many of them, doesn’t matter if we were close or not, have walked into my life and created a difference in my life. I appreciate every individual, because they have all made my last year of high school the best thing ever. 

This was my decorated graduation cap! I absolutely love it <3

Our adventure as the Class of 2012 has come to end, but we are all now starting a brand new journey in our lives. Adventure is out there! 

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